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Posted on Jan 31, 2012 in Stuff We Like

‘Act of Valor’ – Active-Duty SEALS and Live Bullets in an Action Thriller

By Media Release

Stealth, parachute insertion, and riverines are part of the action in Act of Valor, a new film that features active-duty U.S. Navy SEALS. Courtesy, Relativity Media.

If you’ve been in a movie theater lately, you’ve probably seen preview trailers of Act of Valor, a new film set to debut on February 24. It is reportedly based on five actual events that involved U.S. Navy SEALS, events that have been woven into a fictional storyline about a hostage rescue attempt that becomes a globe-spanning mission to stop terrorist attacks scheduled to take place in America. The Website for the film says it, "combines stunning combat sequences, up-to-the minute battlefield technology and heart-pumping emotion for the ultimate action adventure."


What sets this movie apart from most explosion-and-vehicle-chase thrillers is that it was made using active-duty SEALS in place of actors, and it’s action sequences were filmed using live ammunition.

Joining the SEALS in Act of Valor are Alex Veadov (Vlad in the Svetlana TV series; he also provided some of the additional voices for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and CoD: Black Ops), Roselyn Sanchez (Elena Delgado in the TV series Without a Trace) and Nestor Serrano (Victor Luna in the 2010–2011 90210 TV series)

The directors are Mike McCoy, who has produced a number of documentaries including Navy SWCC, and Scott Waugh, whose career as a stunt man includes We Were Soldiers and Windtalkers.

Writer Kurt Johnstad’s credits include adapting Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300 and he is working on 300: Battle of Artemisia scheduled for release in 2013. Todd Longwell, writing in Variety magazine, named Johnstad one of the 10 screenwriters to watch in 2011.

Click here to see a video on the making of Acts of Valor (5:20).

Click here to see video on the use of real bullets during filming of action sequences (2:09).


  1. Hope it turns out well on the big screen looked like a cool idea from the trailor.

  2. I have worked with Navy Seals and they are a great bunch of guys. Coming from a US Army Ranger that is saying a lot! They are professional and hard chargers…worked with and managed a few and I can honestly say that I could always depend on them.