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Posted on Jul 8, 2007 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

ACG WebOps (8 July 2007)

Jim H. Moreno

Welcome to WebOps, Armchair General’s weekly recon of links to military history news, articles, websites, and more. A number of military history museums take up links in this weeks’ edition, along with an excellent Gettysburg article combining written, video, and interactive measures which can only best be seen online. Hopes for reviving the SS United States have been kicked off, and the Army Times lists its choices for the top ten all time best military movies. Clicks away!


Exhibit tells history of military funerals –


The Museum of Funeral Customs, 1440 Monument Ave., is hosting a special exhibit through Dec. 2 to help explain the evolution of the American military funeral. It is called “The Last Salute: The American Military Funeral.”

Hopes dim for revival of SS United States –

Despite long-standing hopes for its revival — a return to sea, or conversion to a floating hotel or museum — America’s former "ship of state" seems to be running out of time and luck.

New history center gives local duo opportunity to show thanks – Dayton Daily News

The complex of museums and galleries in northeast Indiana will become home to the American Veterans Hall of Honor and American Veterans Research Library being established by retired Air Force Lt. Col. Mike Jackson and Tara Dixon-Engel. They are co-founders of the Tipp City-based American Veterans Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to grassroots initiatives to honor veterans.

Military historians want $4 million museum – BCNG Portals Page

A former teacher, McAvoy said the idea for a permanent education centre in Abbotsford stemmed from the enormous success of last year’s Remembering Project – a living history display designed to educate youth about the significance of Remembrance Day. The project attracted thousands of visitors over a three-day period.

Military museum opens with parade –

The museum is crammed with significant artifacts of Canada’s role in military history, beginning with the War of 1812 through the First and Second World Wars, Korea, modern peacekeeping and Afghanistan.

146 years of military history – Wiltshire Times

A CELEBRATION of more than 146 years of military history took place at Basil Hill Barracks in Corsham on Wednesday.

Campaigners target lottery to win military museum funding – News

George Robinson, secretary of the One O’Clock Gun Association, is heading a steering committee that wants to see the old Royal High School turned into an exhibition celebrating Scotland’s military heritage.


Becoming one with the Civil War – The Frederick News-Post Online – (video)

"The Civil War is a part of our history, but it becomes something more when you realize ‘the war was fought by someone whose blood runs in my veins,’" said George Wunderlich, the executive director of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick.

Battle of Gettysburg video tour and interactive map

Take a tour of the Luna Mimbres Museum – Las Cruces Sun-News

The museum that has been called a "mini-Smithsonian’ will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2008 and construction crews and volunteers are just finishing up a $1,220,000 spruce-up and renovation project.

14th Century Chinese Gunpowder Warfare (Huolongjing) – Wikipedia

The Huolongjing … is a 14th century military treatise that was compiled and edited by Jiao Yu and Liu Ji of the early Ming Dynasty (1368–1644 AD) in China. It outlined the use of various ‘fire–weapons’ involving the use of gunpowder.

July 3, 1863: Confederate forces attack the center of the Federal line at Gettysburg, but fail to break it. – Message Boards

144 years ago on this day in 1863, after two desperate days of slugging it out in the July heat in southern Pennsylvania, Robert E. Lee sends the equivalent of three divisions of infantry up the middle in a last ditch attempt to crack the Federal line at Gettysburg.

Lessons from the Cold River – Los Angeles Times

If the Lebanese army can stand up to jihadists, anybody can.

History comes to life at Hopkinton celebration – Hopkinton News

It might be an understatement to refer to Goffstown’s Ben and Jane Hampton as “patriotic” Americans.

Both have traced their roots back to Revolutionary War soldiers, visited all but one of the major Civil War battlefields and, on Thursday, July 4, the two were asked to make a presentation at Hopkinton’s celebration of the United States’ Independence Day.

Books – Movies – TV

Our Top 10 best military movies of all time – Army Times

We’re talking about classic movie moments that provide a snapshot of American military history, must-see films like “The Sands of Iwo Jima” and “The Green Berets” (two of the Duke’s finest. God bless you, John Wayne, wherever you are).

Why the American Revolution was ‘Almost a Miracle’ – The Christian Science Monitor

Ultimately, "the war came much closer to ending short of a great American victory than many now realize," argues historian John Ferling in Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence.

Cox: "The Battle of Marianna, Florida" – Civil War Books and Authors

Although detailed modern histories are few and far between, the state of Florida saw its share of military action during the Civil War. Expanding upon his previous research (1989), Dale Cox has now given us the first full account of Union general Alexander Asboth’s raid into northwest Florida that culminated in the September 27, 1864 Battle of Marianna. As Cox makes clear, the town of Marianna was an important communication and transportation center in an economically important (and largely untouched) region of the state.

Blogs – Netcasts

Diadochi Wars, 323-280 BC – Military History Blog on the Web

We start today with an overview of the Diadochi Wars, 323-280 BC, the conflicts between the successors to Alexander the Great.

This Week In Military/Aviation History: 3 – 8 July – Warbirds Online

The Latest News and Commentary of the International Warbird Community Updated Daily

WebOps is a weekly report linking to military history news and articles published in mainstream online media. Excerpts are taken exactly as they are on the noted source websites; quotation marks are not used. The hyperlinks are added by me as I can find them. Please visit the Armchair Forums to discuss the topics in WebOps. If you just can’t wait until Sunday for the next WebOps, plug yourself into the new Armchair General WebOps feed and get each link as its posted!

Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

Jim H. Moreno