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Posted on Oct 21, 2007 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

ACG WebOps (21 October 2007)

Jim H. Moreno

Welcome to WebOps, Armchair General’s weekly recon of links to military history news, articles, websites, and more. More news about Canada increasing their schools’ military history teachings, the Post Office Box 1142 Resolution, and the usual blogging goodness all make it into this weeks’ report.  Clicks away!


Military history a must: Hawn –

Canadian schools must do a better job teaching the country’s military history to kids, says the newly appointed parliamentary secretary to the minister of national defence.


History told by actions –

The Los Baños Fairgrounds had a bit of a Reconstruction Era feel to it this weekend as minority teens paraded around on horseback representing what for many is an unknown part of America’s history.

Exhibit presents WWII Fly Girls – The Lariat Online

The "Wings Across America Presents: Fly Girls of WWII Exhibit" showcases the female pilots of the U.S. Army Air Forces.

Post Office Box 1142 Resolution

Mr. Speaker, from 1942 through the end of the Second World War, a top secret military intelligence service operated clandestinely on the shores of our own Potomac River. At Fort Hunt Park, along the GW Parkway, a secret installation operated silently in the shadows of our Nation’s Capital.

Known only by its mailing address, P.O. Box 1142, the men and women at this post provided the military intelligence that helped bring an end to World War II and gave the United States an early advantage in the Cold War.


City marks 20th anniversary of plane crash tragedy – WTHR

Twenty years ago this weekend, Indianapolis suffered one of the worst tragedies in city history. A military plane fell short during an emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport.

Blogs – Netcasts

Canadians at Vimy Ridge – Military History Podcast

The Battle of Vimy Ridge (April 1917) was a turning point in WWI.  It was the first great allied victory.  It also continues to be the greatest event in modern Canada’s military history.

Why Teach Military History? – Blog Them Out of the Stone Age

I thought you’d find this lecture by Jeremy Black of interest, because it’s intended as an argument for the teaching of military history as a component of general history courses (actually, given his audience, most soclial studies course). It’s reprinted here by permission of of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Birmingham Class Cruisers – Military History Blog on the Web

The Birmingham class light cruisers were slightly improved versions of the previous Chatham class, carrying one extra 6in gun on the forecastle, but otherwise virtually identical.

Nazi Tidbits Show 16 – Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

What accounts for the fascination people still have with Adolph Hitler and the Nazis? Dan looks at some of the ideas of the German National Socialists and examines the demonic, charismatic Nazi Fuhrer.

Unison and history – Civil War Bookshelf

NPS historian David Lowe is using a GPS system to help him map eight miles of running battles between McClellan and Lee in Loudon County, VA, with the intent of protecting 4,000 acres of battleground; this land covers the opening stages of McClellan’s second Richmond campaign.

WebOps is a weekly report linking to military history news and articles published in mainstream online media. Excerpts are taken exactly as they are on the noted source websites; quotation marks are not used. The hyperlinks are added by me as I can find them. Please visit the Armchair Forums to discuss the topics in WebOps. If you just can’t wait until Sunday for the next WebOps, plug yourself into the new Armchair General WebOps feed and get each link as its posted!

Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

Jim H. Moreno