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Posted on Mar 3, 2006 in Armchair Reading

ACG Magazine March 2006 Links

By Armchair General

USS Lagarto – News and information on this submarine. / USS Lagarto – Information on the history of the sub. / Veteran’s Day announcement about the finding of the wreck / Information about the wreck itself.

D-Day Museum in New Orleans

Armchair General discussion on the Allied decision to use the Atom bomb against Japan.

Washington’s Mount Vernon home.


On the Web – Exclusive Carlo D’Este articles.

Fighter Ace Fashion – Eastman Leather Clothing

Gear/Knives – Leatherman Core / Swiss Army Voyager / Buck Summit / Gerber Urban Legend / Boker Grand Canyon Series Congress

Gear/Compasses – Silva Cobalt / Brunton Gentlemans’ Compass / Cammenga 3H / Suunto A-30L

Command Dossier: General John Buford / Gettysburg Discussion Group / John Buford at Wikipedia

Spencer Repeating Carbine – Overviews of lever-operated repeating weapons.

P-51 Mustang

New York City Draft Riots / Wikipedia description

Hitler’s Worst Decisions (selected) –

Raid on St. Nazaire, 1942 – Article at / BBC link / Armchair General discussion on the raid

Napoleonic Society – separating fact from fiction.

Storm in the Valley ICS – discussion thread for this article on page 56.

General Vatutin at Kursk – discussion thread for this article on page 60.

The Shape of Wars to Come – discussion thread for this article on page 68.

Osprey Publishing

Got Game Entertainment – publishers of Squad Assault: Second Wave.

– publishers of HistWar: Les Grognards.

Ubisoft – publishers of Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike and Blazing Angels: Squadrons of World War II.

Eagle Games – boardgame publishers.

2K Games – publishers of Conquest of the Empire.

Jowood – publishers of Panzer Elite Action.

Official America’s Army: Rise of a Soldier website.

Strategic Studies Group (SSG) – publishers of Battlefront.

Firaxis – publishers of Pirates! Live the Life

Register early for Origins!

Pelican Publishing Company

Harvard University Press

Random House Publishing

Thomas Nelson Publishing

Norwich University – offering a Master of Arts in Military History – online

Casemate Publishing

Classic Wargames

Insurance for Military Collectibles

Michigan Toy Soldier Co

First Empire

Entertainment Software Rating Board