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Posted on Jul 18, 2006 in Armchair Reading

ACG Magazine September 2006 Links

Armchair General

Article Links:

Dispatches – Gear: Seen and Heard (page 20)



Apple iPod Hi-Fi

Ultimate Ears




MacGyver MP3 Watch



Command Decisions (page 26)

Play it!

How they fought (page 32)

Armchair General makes the headlines again!

Interactive (page 40)

Tiger Trap!

Hastings 1066 (page 44)

ACG Hastings Battlefield Tour

Chinese Farm 1973 (page 50)


Bloody Peleliu (Page 54)

Bovington Tank Museum

Rommel at El Alamein (Page 62)

Battle of El Alamein

Achtung Panzer! Erwin Rommel

Monty (Page 86)

Imperial War Museum Document Archive

WACO Combat Gliders (Page 94)

Building and flying the WACO

Game Buzz – War Never Looked So good (page 96)

Midway – Publishers of Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War

Paradox – Publishers of Rush for Berlin

Ubisoft – Publishers of Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Strategy First – Publishers of Legion Arena

Battlefront – Publishers of Combat Mission: Shockforce

Playlogic Games – Publishers of Prism

CDV – Publishers of UberSoldier

World War II Tank Commander

Wargame Reviews (page 100)

Matrix Games – Publishers of Crown of Glory

West Civ – Developers of Crown of Glory

Paradox – Publishers of Take Command: Second Manassas

Mad Minute Games – Developers of Take Command: Second Manassas

Bookshelf (Page 104)

Haus Publishing


UBS Financial Services

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund


Osprey Publishing

Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours

Armchair General Digital Subscriptions

Outward Bound Wilderness

S.W.A.T. Boots

Original S.W.A.T. boots competition


Norwich University

Battlefront – Publishers of Strategic Command 2

Cossacks 2

CDV – Publishers of Cossacks 2

Axis & Allies Miniatures


Weider Supplements

Armchair General – My Story

Vicious PC

Search Dogs USA

International Napoleonics Society

Casemate Publishing

First Empire – Napoleonic History

Sgt War Books

Michigan Toy Soldier Co

Classic Wargames

Collectibles Insurance Agency

Fine Art Canes


Joint Task Force