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Posted on Apr 9, 2006 in Armchair Reading

ACG Magazine May 2006 Links

Armchair General

Article Links:

10 Questions (page 10)

LGen Romeo Dallaire

CBC News Indepth: Romeo Dallaire

The General and the Genocide

Frontline Interview: General Romeo Dallaire

The Romeo Dallaire (Rebroadcast)

Dispatches (page 14):



Society for Military History

Military History Podcast

National Museum of the United States Airforce

Map Quest (page 20):

Garmin International

Lowrance Electronics



Ration Redux (page 22):

Hooah! Energy Bars

Amino Vital


Clif Bar

Nguyen Giap Interviews (page 24):



The AK-47 (page 26):

Modern Firearms and Ammunition

How They Fought (page 30)

The Towton Battlefield Society

A Virtual Tour of Towton Battlefield

History’s Mysteries (page 34)

Operation Barbarossa – Wikipedia

Command Decisions (page 38)

Outline of Operation OVERLORD


Interactive Combat! (page 41) – The Digital Monument

BBC – History – The Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden)

You Command (page 46)

Course of the Yom Kippur War 1973

Interactive Combat Story (page 56)

Shenandoah at War

Walk Where They Fought (page 80)

The Battle for Berlin in World War Two

Witness To War (page 88)

Malmedy Massacre Trial

Massacre at Malmedy

So Many Games, So Little Time! (page 90):

2K Games – Publishers of Civilization IV and Vietcong 2

Field Commander

Heros of the Pacific

Codemasters, publishers of Operation Flashpoint: Elite

Paradox Games, publishers of Diplomacy

CDV, publishers of American Conquest: Divided Nation and Blitzkrieg 2

Namco Games, publishers of Rebelstar Tactical Command

Battlefront, Publishers of Combat Mission Campaigns

Ubisoft, publishers of Ghost Recon 2 and Rainbow 6: Lockdown (pages 92 and 93)

Age of Empires III (page 94)

Civilization IV (page 94)

Bookshelf (page 98):

Random House Publishers

Sterling Publishing Co


UBS Financial Services Ltd

Axis & Allies Miniatures

Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers

Osprey Publishing

Paradox Interactive

Ubisoft, publishers of Ghost Recon, Blazing Angels

Aberjona Press

Origins International Games Expo 2006

International Napoleonic Society

American Conquest


Military History Press

Weider Global Nutrition

Casemate Publishing

Classic Wargames

Michigan Toy Soldier Co

Collectibles Insurance Agency

First Empire

Norwich University

Uber Soldier

Commandos Strike Force