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Posted on Jan 11, 2007 in Armchair Reading

ACG Magazine March 2007 Links

Armchair General


Dispatches (Page 17)

Origins Game Expo 2007


Atomic Testing Museum

Dispatches Gear (Page 22)




KMKPlus & CompUSA




10 Questions – Erich Topp (Page 24)

Erich Topp on Wikipedia

Museum of Science & Industry

How They Fought – Woman Sniper of the Red Army (Page 28)

RKKA in World War II

ACG Slideshow – WWII – The Eastern Front

Tipping Points – Mao’s Legacy (Page 32)

Mao Zedong on Wikipedia

The Mao Zedong Reference Archive at

Interactive, You Command – U-Boat Attack 1943 (Page 44)

German U-Boats and Battle of the Atlantic

The Royal Naval Patrol Service – protecting convoys from U-boats and clearing enemy mines during World War II

Interactive, ICS – Okinawa (Page 54)

Battle of Okinawa

Animated History of The Battle for Okinawa

Interactive, What Next General? – Rommel’s Blitzkrieg (Page 62)

Play it!

World War 2 Online Newspaper Archives – The German Invasion of Western Europe, 1940

Official German account of the Battle of France (as published in 1940)

Battlefield Leader Billy Mitchell (Page 70)

Billy Mitchell at Wikipedia

American Airpower Biography

Special Feature – War and the Media (Page 78)

Recommended Reading List on the Media at War

History’s Mysteries – Lincoln’s Death and the Great Purge (Page 88)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

A History of John Wilkes Booth

Command Dossier – Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz (Page 92)

Karl Doenitz at Wikipedia

Re-birth of the U-boat

Weapon Files – The German U-Boat (Page 94)

Witness to War – USS Pampanito (Page 96)

USS Pampanito

Spy Wars – Death in Tokyo (Page 98)

Richard Sorge

Game Buzz (Page 100)

Gears of War

THQ – Publishers of Supreme Commander

CDV – Publishers of War Front: Turning Point

Slitherine Studios – Publishers of Commander: Europe at War

Ubisoft – Publishers of Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

Armed Assault

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific

Paradox – Publishers of Silent Heroes: Heroes of World War II

Wargame Review (Page 104)

Matrix Games – Publishers of For Liberty! and TOAW III

Huszar Games – Developers of For Liberty!

Talonsoft – Developers of TOAW III



Medieval Total War II



Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Outward Bound Wilderness


Origins Game Expo 2007

Original S.W.A.T. Boots

Wiley X Eyewear

International Napoleonic Society


Europa Universalis III

War Front Winning Point

Civilian Markmanship Program

Weider Supplements


National Disaster Search Dog Foundation


Blitzkrieg Fall of the Reich

Jim Werbaneth Wargame Design

Armchair General Digital Subscription

Michigan Toy Soldier Co

Insurance for Military Collectibles

First Empire

Norwich University

Making History

Strategy First