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Posted on Nov 9, 2006 in Armchair Reading

ACG Magazine January 2007 Links

Armchair General


Dispatches (Page 14)

Fort Phil Kearny and Bozeman Trail Association

National Park Service

Dispatches – Gear (Page 16)







Tipping Points (Page 20)

Gustavus Adolphus – Wikipedia

Leadership (Page 22)

Congressional Medal of Honor’s entry on Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt Website

Movie Review: Rough Riders, here on ACG

Command Decisions (Page 26)

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Custer Battlefield Historical and Museum Association

The Battle of the Little Bighorn, 1876: EyeWitness to

See What Custer Saw (ACG feature)

How They Fought (Page 28)

Bovington Tank Museum

King Tiger at Achtung Panzer!

History’s Mysteries (Page 32)

History News Network – read the debate between Major Robert Bateman and the Associated Press!

Interactive – Combat! (Page 40)

First Battle of Winchester – Wikipedia

Interactive – You Command (Page 44)

Naval-History.Net – detailed article and map of the battle

Falklands War Timeline

Battlefield Leader (Page 72)

Bradley’s biography at the U.S. Army website

Omar Nelson Bradley, General of the Army

Command Dossier (Page 88)

Göring’s last prison interview he gave to US Army Intelligence before the Nuremberg Trials

Weapon Files (Page 90)

Flight Journal

Witness to War (Page 92)

Penguin Books

Game Buzz (Page 94)

Freeze Interactive, Designers of Field Ops

Eidos, Publishers of Battlestations: Midway

Sierra Entertainment, Publishers of Caesar IV

Matrix Games, Publishers of Blitzkrieg War in Europe

Electronic Arts, Publishers of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Lock ‘n Load Publishing

Video Game Review (Page 96)

Sierra Entertainment, Publishers of Joint Task Force

THQ – Publishers of Company of Heroes

Wargame Review (Page 98)

Matrix Games, Publishers of Panzer Command

Koios Works, Developers of Panzer Command

Paradox – Publishers of Rush for Berlin

Storm Region – Developers of Rush for Berlin


Sega – Publishers of Medieval Total War II

UBS Financial Services

Axis and Allies Miniatures

Battleground Europe

Palgrave Macmillan

Norwich University

Zenith Press

Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours

Weider Supplements

Theatre of War

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

International Napoleonics Society



Osprey Publishing



Armchair General Digital Subscription

Michigan Toy Soldier Co

Collectibles Insurance Agency

Classic Wargames

First Empire – Napoleonic History

Team Sabre

Civil War: A Nation Divided