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Posted on Jul 1, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

ACG at Origins

Armchair General

ACG has a team in Columbus OH this year to cover our first Origins game convention. We have a large booth in the dealer room, but our units have scoured the convention center to get the full scoop on all the events, war college lectures, games, swordfighting, and… more games. This place is insane with games!


Our first impressions are ones of wonderment as this place is simply MASSIVE for what we thought was just a normal small town in the middle of Ohio. We had no idea the city installed a world class convention center in an effort to lure people here. Some of the halls are the size of aircraft hangars, and there are literally thousands of tables with people hudddled around them playing all sorts of games (tabletop, miniatures, family games with lots of families playing, collectable card games in a whole hangar, RPG’s, LARPS, wargames, and probably others that we haven’t even seen yet).


The only complaint we have so far is the fact that with all this gaming going on, we haven’t been able to sit down to do much playing! We of course are here representing the magazine and website, and have spent most of our first couple of days working the dealer room, talking to folks who haven’t heard of us, hanging out with old time subscribers (including some charter members), and every once in a while we go walkabout to explore the campus here. There is so much to do, you really could spend every waking minute over four days playing games… *drool*

Stay tuned as we compile our photos, collect our thoughts, and produce the Official ACG After Action Report of Origins 2006. For now, we have to suit up, and resume our campaign. Hoo-ah Hoo-ah!

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