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Posted on Aug 22, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

AAR: Theatre Of War

By Thomas Lund Kiilerich

On the left flank the situation is reversed. Here enemy infantry has reached the trench line and more infantry is spotted in the rear running forward to consolidate their gain. But our fire is still accurate and a Pz I is hit, at first no sign of damage, but slowly smoke is seen pouring out and a side hatch flies open. A crew member is trying to escape the flames but is cut down as another shell explodes next to the vehicle. Still the enemy advance.

As the enemy continue their advance on our two field guns they are surprised and caught in the open by our three tanks. One of the Vickers E open up with both turrets and cuts down two enemies; the TKS spots a Pz II and a salvo kicks up dirt all around it. Still the enemy advance. A Pz IV C is also spotted in the mix and I order one of the field guns to open fire on it, telling them to direct their fire at the tracks.


Once again the enemy begin to advance on our right flank. Will these Germans never run out of reinforcements! Two Pz IV C’s, a Pz II and a lot of infantry are spotted, nothing stands between them and my two field guns. At once I order my infantry reinforcements to dismount and take up position on the ridge next to the guns.

Both field guns are now concentrating their fire on the Pz IV advancing up our left flank when suddenly a shell hits the track and the tank abruptly skews 90 degrees before rolling to a halt, thereby showing its weak flank to our gunners. The next shell rips into it and the Pz IV explodes.

At the same time the enemy infantry is in trouble, caught between a rock and a hard place. The two Vickers E tanks are putting down a curtain of fire through which the enemy infantry cannot advance. Our riflemen on the ridge likewise throw round after round at them. The few enemy survivors try to reach the safety of the trench behind them.

On the right flank the enemy tanks have now reached the trench line, their infantry advancing in front of them. The field guns fire round after round, most ricochet off the panzers but the number of hits alone must be unnerving to the crewmembers. I order the infantry squad to advance a little further to get a better field of fire and order the two Vickers tanks to advance as well. The TSK is kept in an overwatch position to cover their advance. If I can just keep the infantry away from my guns I think I have a chance of stopping the Germans for good.

The Germans continue their advance, but at what cost, their infantry cannot advance in the face of our machinegun and rifle fire and their tanks are having a hard time as well. One of our field guns claim another victim and our gun crews let out a cheer. Now there’s just an immobilized Pz II remaining on the right flank and a Pz I on the left.

I order the two field guns to concentrate on the Pz II and order the TSK to advance on the Pz I.

And it’s all over, the last Germans flee the battlefield. The final tally tells the story, the brave Polish defenders fought off a vicious German assault.

These Germans aren’t that tough after all, I now have renewed hope that our gallant forces will prevail.


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