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Posted on Feb 17, 2007 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Armchair General – Behind the Scenes

By Simon Delaney

Make-up department

Several of us, myself included, were wearing original British battledress so the idea of getting it filthy didn’t really appeal. However, we were there to get authentic looking shots and so we were all kitted up, our skins tones adjusted with make-up to reflect the soldiers ‘in the field’ look with grime, sweat and a small amount of splinter wounds (for me) and blood (for the poor old driver!). Lastly, shovelfuls of dust and sand from the Museum’s ground were literally poured over us. Wondering what we had let ourselves and our precious uniforms in for, we readied ourselves for the first scene.

large_bp_015.jpg  large_bp_018.jpg
Dabs of blood and shovel loads of grit, lovely!

We always try and ensure our equipment is as accurate as possible

…and Action!


Seimon at work

large_bp_022.jpg  large_bp_023.jpg
Having bailed out and hit the dirt, Seimon snaps away

The first scene to be shot was the bale- out from the Dingo. This involved the vehicle being filled with smoke to represent the round’s impact and me leaping over the side onto the solid and stony ground many times until ACG Staff Photographer Seimon Pugh-Jones was satisfied that he had the shots he needed. I had the bruises on my legs to prove it. The scenes are filmed like a movie, but with stills taken to capture the action instead of ‘posed’ shots. Every detail of the scenario is worked out for total authenticity and we agreed that the Corporal would be in communication via the 19 set fitted in the Dingo. I had brought the correct pattern headset and I had to make sure the lead and plug didn’t get caught on the armoured car anywhere as I leapt over the side.


Click here or on the image above to see footage as I bail out (approx 8MB)!

large_bp_016.jpg  large_bp_017.jpg
As with the real war, there’s lots of sitting around
waiting for things to happen

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