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Posted on Apr 21, 2006 in Boardgames, Front Page Features

WWII: Barbarossa to Berlin Deluxe Map – Boardgame Review

By Chris A. Cornaghie


WWII: Barbarossa to Berlin
Deluxe Map and Rules 1.2

WWII: Barbarossa to Berlin, designed by Ted Racier of Paths of Glory fame, was released in 2002 by GMT. BtB is a card driven game covering WWII in Europe beginning with the German attack on Russia and ending in 1945. As with other CDG type games, the cards held by each player can be used for move and attack, events, replacements or strategic movement, the choice is up to the player and creates endless possibilities.

Along with several other CDG games, GMT has released an updated deluxe map and comprehensive edited rules for BtB which is priced at $20.00 or $14.00 under the P500 plan. Printed on heavy card stock, the map is more durable and folds well. The map now includes starting positions for all forces, a better representation of river crossings, the capital of each nation and a small symbol for the terrain of a box to avoid having to move your units in the box to determine the terrain. In addition the turn record clearly shows all special rules for weather and events.


If you have played this game more than a few times, the new map alone would be worth the price, but of even more importance are the consolidated rules, errata and changes contained in Version 1.2. Many of the changes are of major importance concerning the play of various cards or rules. Also included are clarifications and optional rules. Not all of these are contained in the earlier "living rules" issued by GMT in 2003. Most recently, GMT has announced that a 2006 reprint of the 110 cards for BtB will be released. However, for those avid players, this addition is a must.

GMT Games Barbarossa to Berlin page. GMT deluxe maps.

Detail shot of small portion of the map.

Author’s Information

Chris A. Cornaghie is a practicing attorney in Memphis, Tennessee. His introduction to wargaming began with U-Boat by Avalon Hill in 1960, which he still plays from time to time. He has played all the classic AH, SPI, GDW, Battleline, Yaquinto, GMT, Columbia and many other wargame titles. Luckily he found a hardcore group of wargamers in college who have continued to meet through graduation, law school, marriages, birth of children and divorces (not necessarily due to gaming). Throughout it all the one constant has not been baseball, but wargaming. The group has playtested for many game companies over the years (and still does) and he has co-authored articles for the AH General and Fire and Movement. A history major, he is always interested in any game on ancient or Roman periods.