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Writing Book Reviews Guidelines

Before attempting to write a review for, please read several of our current reviews to get a feel for style, format and content.

The purpose of any review should be to give readers enough information to make intelligent buying decisions about whether or not a book is right for them. Every book has its good points and bad points, and what one reader is looking for in a book on any given topic may not be what another wants.

Including a quote or two from the book gives readers an idea of the author’s style.

At the end of the review, summarize your opinion of the book and state who would most likely enjoy it or need it and possibly who will not (readers who want lots of statistics; readers generally unfamiliar with the topic will get a good overview, but the book offers little new information; etc.)

600–1,500 words.

Title: Subtitle (if any). Author. Publisher, year published. Number of pages. Number of pages of maps and/or illustrations (if any). Hardback, Cloth or Paperback. Suggested retail price (not the discounted one on Amazon or similar sites).

Blood and Rage: A Cultural History of Terrorism. Michael Burleigh. HarperCollins Publishers, 2009. 592 pages, 31 Illustrations, 1 map. Hardback. $29.99