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Posted on May 24, 2005 in Armchair Reading

Wow! What a Great Magazine

By Jason Oaxaca

Armchair General staff,

WOW! What a great magazine. I picked up my first copy of Armchair General just two (2) days ago. It was the issue with Napoleon on the cover. What a great commanding General. From cover to cover I was enthralled. I have not subscribed to a magazine ever in my life. However, just one magazine of Armchair General was enough to make me subscribe. The best thing about Armchair General are the parts where we, the reader, take command. The only problem with the magazine is that it only comes out six (6) times a year. I simply cannot wait! Have you ever considered releasing Armchair General twelve (12) times a year? If you have considered it, but are afraid that this will cause the price of the magazine to jump to high, don’t worry. I’m hooked.

Jason Oaxaca



Thanks for taking the time to write us. We would love to have 12 issues per year, but unfortunately our staff has enough trouble with our busy schedules getting 6 issues out! As we grow, anything will be possible! 🙂


Brian King
Website Editor
Armchair General Magazine

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