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Posted on Nov 30, 2010 in Games PR

World Supremacy Patched


Malfador Machinations and Shrapnel Games have announced that the first patch for World Supremacy, the strategic turn based game of global conquest, is now available for download. The patch addresses a couple of bugs that slipped by and modifies a few gameplay elements.

World Supremacy version 1.01 includes the following:

* Fixed – Bug where map generation could lock up at 94% has been eliminated.
* Fixed – Money for purchases not being deducted.
* Fixed – Unloading units with land movement would not capture regions.
* Changed – Increased Fighter damage against other air units.
* Changed – Increased Air Defense System damage.
* Changed – Increased Antiaircraft Truck damage and attack range.
* Changed – Increased Destroyer damage against air units.


Note: It is possible to have islands generated that cannot be landed upon because they are too small.

The patch can be downloaded from the official product page.

World Supremacy is the latest game from Malfador Machinations, developers of the famed Space Empires series and Dungeon Odyssey.  A Windows game, it is available as a download from Shrapnel Games for only $29.95.