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Posted on Dec 30, 2010 in Games PR

World Supremacy Patched


Besides nuclear tipped missiles and stealth fighters, the stylish 21st century World Conqueror’s best accessory is the latest patch for World Supremacy from Malfador Machinations. Sleek, even a little chic, the version 1.05 patch is a full featured upgrade and a must have for anyone seeking victory on the global battlefield.

Version 1.05 of World Supremacy is now available for download from publisher Shrapnel Games. Once installed it includes the following changes:

  • Increased weapon speed for torpedoes and cruise missiles.
  • Fixed: When starting a game it was possible to have two Fabrication Complexes in the same region.
  • Fixed: Added hotkeys to the help text.
  • Fixed: Game Over window was not displaying when human player was killed.
  • Many general AI improvements.
  • Rocket Artillery now have a movement of two.
  • Fixed: AI was not loading Sea Transports.
  • Fixed: AI was not always landing its planes even when they had remaining movement.

The most important aspect to the patch is of course the changes to the AI. The AI will be stronger, and more aggressive, even using Transports to hit the player from behind his lines.


In addition to the 1.05 patch Malfador Machinations has made available a Multiplayer Map pack, along with a new demo that incorporates all the changes made to the game since its original release.

Owners of the full game can download the 1.05 patch from the official product page. The new demo and Multiplayer Map pack can also be found there.

World Supremacy is a game of global conquest set in the modern era. Developed by Malfador Machinations and published by Shrapnel Games, World Supremacy is available as a downloadable game for Windows, selling for only $29.95.

A turn based strategic game for up to eight players World Supremacy is akin to a classic board game, the focus of World Supremacy is on conquering the most territory. Research and development is kept simple; likewise one does not need to be an accountant to understand the economic factors powering your mighty war machine. Combat itself is easy to understand: go forth and lay waste to all in your way using multiple unit types.

Replayability is high thanks to its random game creation (with player set variables), along with the ease players will find in being able to mod the game. From specific maps to changing the units, something new can always be added.