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Posted on Mar 25, 2011 in Electronic Games

World of Tanks Contest


World of Tanks Design Your Tank Contest.

The World of Tanks Team is offering you the chance to design your own tank that could appear on the battlefields of World War II.

Three prizes will be awarded based upon a thorough description of the tank.  Drafts, sketches, drawings are encouraged and will improve the the chance to win.

Designs for the tank should address the following elements:

  • What primary tank gun would it use?
  • What type of secondary machine guns would be installed on it?
  • What engine and chassis would make it move?
  • What hull and turret shape would be optimal for it?
  • What radio and optical equipment would suit it best?

These are the questions you’ll need to answer when designing an ideal tank of your own. The only limit for your imagination is the tank you will design should use technologies available no later than December of 1945.


The World of Tanks team is inviting contestants to your versions of light, medium, or heavy tanks. Thoroughly describing your tank’s possible development history will be a plus. You will also get much more chances to win the main prize if you provide drafts or images of your tank.

Please send your work with the subject line Design Your Tank Contest to


  • The winner will get a World of Tanks T-shirt, 3000 gold and 5 days of premium account.
  • The runner-up will be awarded a World of Tanks T-shirt, 2000 gold and 3 days of premium account.
  • The third place holder will get a World of Tanks T-shirt, 1500 gold and 1 day of premium account.

Please note that gold and premium accounts will be assigned to the winners’ profiles after the official release on the 12th of April.  The contest will be open for two weeks.


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  1. World of tanks is awesome but i wounder how do you get free gold? lol