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Posted on Mar 16, 2011 in Games PR

World of Tanks Clan Wars Sign-up Begins


Sign-up for clans has begun within the popular MMO 'World of Tanks.' Click for larger image. has announced that sing-ups for its Clan Wars module have begun. Clan Wars is a meta-game within World of Tanks where groups of players compete on a global scale for control of various provinces in the game. Clans can form alliances and forge treaties (and break them) in order to compete against other clans. Registration of a clan requires in-game payment of 2500 gold. 


Sign-up can be found here:


  1. hi im lewis and im 10 years old im a new user and i have no idea how to get to where u choose ur tank so can u help me out please i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to play this P.S. i have already downloaded the rogram

    • or i dont know how to get to the battle button :d

    • im justin and im 12 and courious how do you get to the garage

  2. Hi Lewis,

    This is the first of several tutorials on the web which should help you.

    I played an earlier version and am not sure if it’s changed since then. This vid indicates that you start with three tanks. Look in your Garage and they should be there.

    The first thing to do, though, is register. Make sure you have registered and have a new account. Then you should be able to access the Garage.

    Good luck.

    • how do you acess the garage because i have no idea how to