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Posted on Apr 7, 2011 in Games PR

World of Tanks Beta Stats


*Update* The World of Tanks Team has reported an error in their press release.  The award will be given to closed beta testers who also have 1000 battles or more only. has announced the beta statistics of its upcoming free-to-play MMO-action game World of Tanks that is scheduled for the release on April 12.

Over almost a year of beta-testing World of Tanks recruited about 700,000 players in Europe and North America that took part in 5.6 million battles battering 1.7 billion shells to destroy more than 115 million tanks and artillery units. PCCU number surpassed 25,000 players.

According to the statistics PzIV, KV and M3_Grant were the most popular German, Soviet and American tanks respectively over the course of the beta.

[CORRECTION] All closed beta-testers and those with 1000 and more battles fought will be awarded with the M4A2E4 tank in acknowledgement of their contribution to the development of the game.


“Comrades, we all are on the brink of an epoch-making event – World of Tanks release”, said Victor Kislyi, CEO of “You still have a couple of days to spend with your friends and families before the War breaks out… so spend it the right way.”

Gamers can join the open beta at:

  • (North America)
  • (Europe)