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Posted on Apr 22, 2014 in Stuff We Like

World of Tanks 9.0 Update Trailer

By Brian King

It has been a while since I’ve updated a video here, and one of the reasons is that I’ve been playing a lot of the new World of Tanks 9.0 update. The video accompanying this post shows a lot of the new changes in the update, though I’ve not had a chance to play the new historical battles mode because it is hard to find enough people playing that mode – at least during the times I’m online. Does anyone have any feedback on that mode? What do you think of the 9.0 update in general?

Most of my time lately has been consumed with the on-track to the Waffentrager auf E-100 mission, which has required me to spin through the Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager and the Waffentrager auf Panzer IV. I doubt I’ll be able to get all the way through that tier IX in another week when the mission ends…but it is a lot of fun playing these two tank destroyers. Kind of like driving around in flatbed trucks with a big gun out back – and they both have about the same armor as a truck. The tier VIII Rhm-Borsig in particular has about the same armor configuration as a Soviet MS-1 tier I!


I’m seldom on at set times, but if you see me and want to platoon with a “waffle” just look me up. siberian_HEAT.


  1. Don’t like it at all. Overall performance has decreased and the overall graphics don’t seem to have had a major improvement. Historical battles are alright, however, due to the games damage system they don’t really “feel” right- most likely due to the fact that tanks can easily tank many shots with little damage actually done.

  2. I have an i7 CPU and a decent (if aging) graphics card. The recommended graphics settings are LOW for my system. The look is cartoonish at that setting. I’m getting acceptable performance at MEDIUM setting, but the look is no better than previous versions. I think that to take advantage of the 9.0 enhancements, you’re going to need a quite powerful PC.
    With this version, I have experienced bad stability problems, with crashes to desktop and repeated crashes when reloading and trying to re-enter the same game before it ends. But after the current game ends, I get back in easily. It does not appear to be correlated with any particular map. It also persists when I remove the XVM mod I favor (which itself is not working like it used to).
    I’ve not actually played historical mode either, for the same reason, although I’ve tried. It would work better if it could put you in any of the historical tanks in your garage, but I suspect too many people try to enter in a Royal Tiger, which might be expected to rule a historical battlefield.

  3. My game ran great in the former setting. With this new 9.0 I have horrible ping and for some reason my FPS went to hell as well.

  4. The hotfix 9.0.1 fixed my issues. I have heard NA-East server has had ping issues lately, but they haven’t affected me while I was on the server.