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Posted on Jul 24, 2004 in Armchair Reading

Who am I? An Armchair General Contest

By Johnny Boatright

His nicknames of "Dandy," for his attire; "Drover," for his ability to supply and feed his troops; and "Mad," for his risk-taking on the battlefield, have nearly outlived their meaning. He was a soldier that respected the uniform, loved the troops under his command, and would not accept defeat on the field of battle. He is a soldier that has been overshadowed by the accomplishment of his own goal, independence. After his acceptance of the British fortifications, he headed to Pennsylvania where he became ill with gout. There he died in the Erie blockhouse and was buried under its flagpole with the meager epitaph consisting of his two initials.

In what has become a side note of interest, his son later removed his remains and took them to his family burial site at St. David’s Church, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Still, there was no horse. No drawn saber. No great monument for the man that formed the rear guard for freedom time and again. But perhaps, as long as we can recall the deeds he performed, and his contribution to freedom, then that will be enough.


Can you recall the man, the scholar, and the soldier?

Contact us!

If you can identify the person featured in the above article, email us at xxxx (contest is closed!) tell us who you think it is!  The winner will be drawn randomly from the correct answers when the contest closes on August 21st, 2004, and will be announced the following day on the website, as well as contacted by email.  The winner will receive a free subscription to Armchair General magazine!

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