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Posted on Sep 10, 2004 in History News

Warfare HQ joins forces with Armchair General Magazine!

Editorial Staff

We’re pleased to announce a major event. Armchair General Magazine and WarfareHQ have merged their respective discussion forums into a single entity! The reason for this is simple. Both sites directly complement each other, with Armchair General focusing on Military History, and Warfare HQ focusing on military and historical wargaming. Together, they will combine the best of each, making both stronger. We’ve been planning and working for this event for months, and we’re confident that this cooperation will create a premiere location for wargamers and military history enthusiasts to visit.

The URL of the forums has changed as well. This has been done so that the forums reside on a completely separate server. Hopefully, this will make the forum a bit speedier too.


Here is the new URL: Please remember to update your bookmarks!