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Posted on Apr 27, 2006 in Games PR

Update to Legion Arena Review – Digital Download Available

By Armchair General

Update to Legion Arena review – Legion Arena can now be purchased using Slitherine’s digital download service which is a very efficient way to pick up any of their titles.  In our test of the service the download was blazing fast and the install was very smooth.  The game appears identical to the boxed version (which we also tested previously) although you can download a "lite" version of the game without the movies (saves about 320mb from the full 600mb version).  For most readers, I suggest spending the extra time to get the movies — as they play an important role in understanding the historical component of the game. 

If you are one of those who prefers to always have a box, this service probably won’t appeal to you.  If you are one of the growing group of gamers who prefer the convenience of downloading full digital versions of the latest titles (and keeping your closet clear of boxes) this service is another fine addition to this evolving trend.


ACG’s Review of Legion Arena