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Posted on Jun 8, 2007 in Electronic Games

Theatre of War (pt.3) – Defensive Tactics Primer

Jim H. Moreno

Hit! Notice chunks of armor being knocked out of the tank, a sign for a clean penetration.

Moving the cursor over the enemy tank, we see that it has suffered some damage. The two red icons to the left of the unit name indicate that the Panzer III is …

But it doesn’t go without own casualties. A direct hit kills two crew members from the left gun. The remaining soldier is able to continue firing, but at a reduced rate of fire since he has to function as loader and spotter at the same time now.

It’s even worse on the right. A direct hit and accurate machinegun fire from the tanks (notice the dirt kicked up by the bullets) kills the entire crew. Luckily, the gun itself is only lightly damaged.

We order a team of three soldiers to move to the gun, staying inside the trench for as long as possible, and then dashing forward to re-man the gun.

Since none of the infantry soldiers is skilled as gunner, they are not likely to hit much and will only be able to fire a handful of rounds per minute, but the simple fact that there are two guns for the German tanks to worry about instead of one has its own merit.

The last crew member from the left gun is killed by a burst of enemy machinegun fire. We order two soldiers as well as the squad leader to man that gun. The squad leader has good leadership and even some basic experience as gunner, and should have much better chance to actually hit something.

The crew reaches the gun after a wild dash, with machinegun rounds following close on their heels.

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