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Posted on Jun 8, 2007 in Electronic Games

Theatre of War (pt.3) – Defensive Tactics Primer

Jim H. Moreno

The enemy infantry is working its way forward with only light casualties.

Without hesitation, we order the two guns to open up. In order to maximize casualties, we use “Area Fire” on the guns, selecting the ground near clusters of enemy infantry as the target points.

With measurable results!

The advancing Germans take casualties and their ranks are beginning to thin out.

Can this be all?

Unfortunately not, and together with a second infantry wave of another two squads,…

…a platoon of German Panzer III, Ausf. J tanks rumbles forward!

The sheer sight of the German tanks causes panic among some of our soldiers.
Morale and the willingness to fight are tracked individually for each soldier in the game. Keeping one’s troops motivated and avoiding panic and rout will be one of the most important tasks to master for the virtual battlefield commander. A large number of factors are taken account, such as proximity to friendly units (especially the squad commander), appearance and proximity of the enemy, type of enemy units, the actions of the soldier and nearby friendly and enemy units, and so forth. One or two panicking soldiers can cause a mass rout if not checked early on.

First-person view from the trench.

The enemy tanks support the advancing infantry by accurate fire from their main gun.

That’s a direct hit!

Behind the advancing enemy infantry, which has taken some casualties, but not lost its resolve…

…one of the tanks is advancing forward as well.

We order the left anti-tank gun to aim for the turret, which has much weaker frontal armor (30mm) than the hull (50mm).

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