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Posted on Sep 29, 2007 in Front Page Features, TIAOW

The Incorrect Art of War [Episode 34] – The Search For Doc’

By A J Summersgill and Jim H Moreno




Doctor Sinister. An evil Supervillain with an insane lust for power. Seemingly killed saving the world (oddly enough) from destruction by the supercomputer H.A.T.E. during the destruction of the Mount Cheyenne base. Used to enjoy the company of cats, cloned genetically modified Dinosaurs and people who said "yes" all the time.

And featuring:



General Menace. Graduated from West Point Military Academy with honours, served for twenty-five years in the US Army, reaching level of 2-star General in command of training facilities before being recruited by Doctor Sinister to command his New Model Army of World Domination. Captured by the US Army whilst helping his lord and master save the world. Has a penchant for cigars and Alyssa Milano.

EPISODE 34 – "The Search for Doc’"

The cavern is dark, cold and silent save for the constant drip-drip-drip of water in one far corner. Mice and rats scurry around in the dank conditions, roaming freely, but studiously avoiding the gigantic metallic object in the centre of the cave.

The object is some fifty feet in height, and just as wide. Set slightly into the ground itself, it is roughly ovoid in shape, its chromed form is apparently seamless, with only blinking lights on a small panel and a low hum revealing it to be active.

Slowly, gently, the power builds and the object comes to life…

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…

Guard: It’s time to wake up Sir.

General Menace: Already?

I’m afraid so Sir. The Major wishes to see you.

(General Menace stirs beneath the luxurious sheets of his king-size bed. He is wearing only a pair of silk boxer shorts and a T-shirt. The room he is in is spacious and very generously furnished. Sunlight streams through a large window to one side of the room. Gigantic metal bars are the only thing restricting the view. Off to the other side, a heavily armoured door stands open, the figure of a US Marine Sergeant stands, casually clutching an M16 assault rifle)

Damn you and your psychological tricks, you think I’m new to these interrogation techniques? Sleep deprivation won’t work with me you know, I’m too much of an old hand at this business.

Actually Sir, you’ve been asleep for ten hours, we were going to wake you earlier but decided against it.

Oh I get it, lulling me into a false sense of security? Well you’ll find I’m a tough nut to crack.

Sir, if you’ll just get dressed, we’ve ironed your uniform for you. And there are some fresh cigars on the dressing table for you. I’ll wait outside until you’re ready. (The Guard leaves, being careful to close and lock the door behind him)

(Muttering to himself) Yeah, right, the cigars are probably poisoned with some kind of hallucinogenic truth drug or something. (He takes a look at the array of cigars presented on a silver dish) Still, it would be a shame to waste them… (He lights a cigar and stands there for a while staring out at the view through the window, watching as a Platoon of Marines practice drill on the beach) Hmmm, another hellish day as a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay.

* * *

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