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Posted on Aug 31, 2007 in Front Page Features, TIAOW

The Incorrect Art of War [Episode 33] – The Terminal Phase

By A J Summersgill and Jim H Moreno


"Let’s go left" you say decisively. Doctor Sinister nods his approval and proceeds to grasp the door with both hands, levering it slowly open to reveal another length of corridor on the other side.

As you stumble into the left hand corridor, there are ominous creaking sounds from the ceiling above. Too late, you look up to see a loose girder swinging through the air toward Doctor Sinister. The Doctor reflexively attempts to halt the girder with his cybernetic arm but it is way too heavy, and with the gathered momentum, it is already far too late – the girder smashes into the evil genius with massive force and knocks him lifeless to the ground. The image of his still deathly face is the last thing you see as, no longer supported by the girder, several tons of reinforced concrete collapses on top of your head, killing you outright.



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