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Posted on Nov 30, 2007 in Front Page Features, TIAOW

The Incorrect Art of War [Episode 36] – A Slip (Or Two) In Time

By A J Summersgill and Jim H Moreno

(Back in the laboratory again)

Well that was an unmitigated disaster.

You’re telling me, I’ve changed history…well, not changed it as such, but it was all my fault.

And I’ve ruined my suit. That’s it, I’m not using this machine again…

Oh thank you my Lord, thank you, you’ve seen sense at last…

…until we get some seats installed, I’m fed up of landing on my face. General! Come with me, we’ve got some plans to alter.


(Sigh) Yes, my Lord…

Is General Menace really responsible for sparking the American Revolution?

If so, should he have his face on the dollar bill?

To vote, dial (08457) 265 282 112 and press 1 for “Yes” and 2 for “No” – all calls are charged at $25.00 per second off-peak and $570.00 per nanosecond peak-time.

Don’t forget to tune in to the next epic episode of…The Incorrect Art of War!!

A J Summersgill and Jim Moreno.

If you want to talk more sensibly about military history from any era, don’t forget to visit the ACG Forums.

Visit the Incorrect HQ for more episodes!

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