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Posted on Nov 26, 2004 in Armchair Reading

Braunschweig – An After Action Report Part VI

By Zachary Hutchinson

Farther south, the units I mentioned last turn, which ran into a hornet’s nest of Germans south of Lake Sarpa, have taken a wicked beating. I’m forced to move farther south and stretch the offensive to the point of uselessness.

Figure 25-3

This is an insight into the retaking of Astrakhan. As you can see, I am almost there.

Figure 25-4

And here we have the destruction of the last real defense before Baku. Don’t get me wrong – the peninsula is not just off the map to the south. I may throw a few more units northward to stall his advance and I might just try to slip in a few behind his lines to throw off his supply line, but for the most part, the next big engagement will be Baku – I’d say beginning in earnest around turn 33.


The localized counteroffensive of the BSCD chewed up a number of German regiments, almost making it to Sochi, but alas, it won’t retake the city. Reinforcements will eventually push me back to the river. Much of the Black Sea Fleet is being taken out by German bombardments – or so I assume. I am not sorry. Better to go down in a blaze of glory than die by withdrawal.


Figure 26-1

26-1 is a quick look at the western end of the Don Front. Stiff German counterattacks are making it hard for units farther down the front to continue the attack. I’ve moved over some artillery to help keep things under control, but it isn’t easy. I’m starting to think I should have screened this part of the Don north of the river and sent the 6th Army and the 17th Tank Corp to really kick the hell out of the Rumanians. Supply is also a problem here with HQ units having to act as bridges to get supplies over the river, but I do have the road south of the river in my possession and that will alleviate the situation somewhat.

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