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Posted on Aug 9, 2007 in Books and Movies, Front Page Features

Team Zero – Comic Review

By Paul Glasser

cover.jpgComic Review – Team Zero. Issue: 6 of 6, Publisher: Wild Storm, Writer: Chuck Dixon, Art: Doug Mahnke and Sandra Hope

In “Team Zero,” hardened veteran Deathblow leads a daring raid behind enemy lines in World War II. Deathblow previously led a commando raid for the Office of Strategic Services against Japanese forces in the Aleutian Islands. Deathblow is the only survivor from the raid and bears a heavy burden when he is asked to recruit another strike team and attack the Nazi research facilities at Peenemunde.

The story is based loosely on the prelude to the Cold War, when the United States and Soviet Union scrambled to seize resources and experts during the fall of the Third Reich. Scientists and papers from the V-2 Program in Peenemunde were regarded as a valuable prize, and Deathblow and his men are given the task.


Deathblow is a stalwart Marine Corps officer and goes by the alias Raymond J. Foire, although his name and rank are never disclosed. His team includes:

– SSgt. “Cowboy” Blanchard, an aggressive and daring Ranger who specializes in advanced weapons.

– Cpl. “Grifter” Miller, a brash and likeable ruffian who is able to scourge resources and improvise on the spot.

– Sgt. “Bullet” Taszycki, a dangerous, bloodthirsty paratrooper who fights in close quarters.

– Lt. “Claymore” Brophy, a Marine Corps officer with expertise in demolitions, and a macabre sense of humor.

– Sgt. “Deadeye” Nakadi, is a Nisei sniper form the 442nd RCT and stays cool under fire.

– Marc “Backlash” Slayton, is a ruthless and cold counter-intelligence officer. His background is so secret, his rank and unit are never disclosed.


With this team of efficient killers, Deathblow leads the attack on Peenemunde. However, things go wrong from the start, and the paratroopers quickly come into conflict with their erstwhile Soviet allies. As the Cold War tensions heat up, the captured German soldiers become a potential ally for Deathblow and his men. However, Team Zero must also deal with a traitor before their mission is compromised. Eventually, the battle comes to an orgy of death and destruction, with high casualties on both sides. But, the stakes in the birth of the Cold War are high, and Deathblow hopes to buy enough time for the documents and scientists to reach British lines.

The story is narrated in the cold, grim manner of Deathblow. Many of the phrases he uses are cliché, but his terse style and icy demeanor create a foreboding atmosphere. The characters and scenes are brought to life in each panel, with vivid explosions and streams of blood. Characters are also given a battle-worn appearance, because each small detail in their faces and uniforms is captured. Detailed backgrounds and lush scenery create depth, instead of leaving a flat and bland image.

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