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Posted on May 20, 2013 in Boardgames

Bloody April – Boardgame Review

The board game "Bloody April: Air War over Arras, France, 1917" is unusual. Instead of the one-on-one air battles found in most WWI aerial games, it pits flights of multiple aircraft against each other in the skies over France in 1917.

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Posted on Apr 29, 2013 in Boardgames

Axis & Allies World War I 1914 – Boardgame Review

The "Axis & Allies World War I 1914" game shares some common mechanics with its World War II predecessor, but with a number of twists to reflect the situation nations faced in the Great War. It's a game, not a history lesson, but players will often find themselves forced into the costly frontal assaults that characterized that war.

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Posted on Mar 8, 2013 in Armchair Reading

CDG 56 – British Rifle Brigade in World War I, 1915

The article below is an abridged version of Combat Decision Game #56, “British Rifle Brigade in World War I, 1915,” written by Andrew H. Hershey. Additional text and illustrations appear in the May 2013 edition of Armchair General® magazine, where you’ll also find additional interactive articles based on an Italian attack at Bir Hakeim, 1942, and Hooker at Chancellorsville, 1863. On newsstands now. This CDG places readers in the role of Colonel George Handcock Thesiger, commander of the British 4th Battalion, the Rifle Brigade, charged with recapturing key positions at Saint Eloi lost just hours ago to a German attack. Armchair General® challenges YOU to take command of this historical battle. Here’s how to get in on the action: READ the article carefully DEVELOP your own solution to this tactical dilemma RECORD your solution on the CDG map and form from the attached PDF. SEND to Armchair General® by April 26, 2013 Winning solutions will be announced in the September 2013 issue. However, those eager to read the historical outcome...

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