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Posted on Dec 2, 2010 in Games PR

Field of Glory Swords and Scimitars Released

Slitherine, Matrix Games and developer Hexwar have announced the release of the next installment in the Field of Glory franchise, Field of Glory Swords & Scimitars.  This fourth game in the series follows the original game, Rise of Rome, Storm of Arrows, and Immortal Fire.   Field of Glory Swords & Scimitars is being released on both the PC and the Mac.  It incorporates a huge number of changes in the latest update to version 1.4.0 And in a "recession-busting" move, anyone buying the game in the next week will be getting a 20% discount.  The game is available for download on both Slitherine and Matrix Games shops. Some additions that have been made in Sword & Scimitars: 40 different armies including Early Crusader, Later Crusader, Fatimid Egyptian, Georgian, Seljuk Turk, Cuman, Komnenan Byzantine, Cilician Armenian, Syrian States, Arab Cities, Bedouin, Khwarazmian, Ayyubid Egyptian, Middle Serbian, Middle Bulgarian, Medieval Cypriot, Post Latin Conquest Byzantine, Latin Greece, Ilkhanid Mongol and Mamaluk Egyptian. 11 new historical battles including Antioch 1098AD (Early Crusaders...

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Posted on Nov 23, 2010 in Games PR

Lionheart Price Dropped and DLC Added

Just in time for the holidays, Paradox Interactive and Neocore Games today announced the release of the New Allies DLC for Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade. In addition to a new set of characters, the price of this beloved real-time strategy thriller features a new, permanent lower price tag of $29.99/€29.99. Add an unexpected hero to your stable of noble men with the worthy additions of Lancelot, Joan d’ Arc or Arthur of Brittany. Explore their special strengths and skills to defeat your arch nemesis. Utilize the Ayyubid Bowmen for their infamous speed or the Gascon Knights for the might of their swords. Whether playing as Saracen or Lionheart, you will discover the right combination of allies to find victory in your battle. Watch the trailer New Allies here: Read the full description of the New Allies DLC here: From the development team that created King Arthur and Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come, this real-time strategy game places you in the era of the Third Crusade, spanning the years 1189-1192. Choose...

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