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Posted on Sep 24, 2008 in Tactics101, War College

Tactics 101: 030 – Planning the Defense

By Rick Baillergeon and John Sutherland


Marshal of the Soviet Union Mikhail Tukhachevsky

“The person who is able to fully utilize all the equipment of military engineering and show a flexibility of mind and military inventiveness is always able to confront the enemy with unexpected events and unexpected dimensions of the defeat dealt it.” – Mikhail Tukhachevsky



In our last article, we provided a general overview of the defense. Our focus was in four main areas. First, we discussed the various reasons why a unit would conduct a defense. Second, we outlined the three types of the defense – area, mobile and retrograde. Third, we highlighted some key characteristics of the defense, which if adhered to, will greatly assist in mission accomplishment. These characteristics were preparation, security, massing effects, disruption, and flexibility. Finally, we set the conditions for future articles by defining some key terms pertaining to the defense and displaying some graphical control measures principally utilized in the defense.

As in all areas in the tactics, effective and timely planning is an imperative when conducting a defensive operation. Detailed planning in the defense is critical to setting the conditions for quality defensive preparation. This in turn, greatly improves the potential for future success during execution. It is a simple relationship to understand, yet such a challenge to effectively incorporate.

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  1. mr sutherland(black 6) i would to talk to you about a unit that fought in desert storm. Bco 3/15 infantry. also about a driver that was said to be the best bradley driver ever produced by the US ARMY. let me know if you want to talk about tactics.

  2. Armchair General staff cannot respond here. Please read
    disclaimer just above this text box before posting.

    Ozone! How are you? Are you still in? I seem to remember the
    unit you’re talking about but I can’t remember a great driver. I
    do remember a fairly mediocre driver who needed constant
    supervision to keep his vehicle running!

    Lets talk!