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Posted on Nov 28, 2011 in Electronic Games

Suggested Mods for World of Tanks

By Paul Glasser

World of Tanks Suggested Mods. Suggested Game Modifications. Publisher: Varios. Designers: Various. Free Downloads.

World of Tanks has an active and creative player base and new downloadable modifications are available almost every week. Some help you perform better in battle while others are simply aesthetic or entertaining. I began playing in the World of Tanks beta in the summer of 2010 and here are some of the most helpful and fun additions I’ve found.

N0rdis Timex Reloading Timer


One of my personal favorites is the n0rdis Timex reloading timer. This simple addition gives the player a timer that counts down while the next shell is being loaded. It is most useful for heavy tanks with a long reload window. With the timer, you can hide behind cover until the right moment and then dash out, fire a shot, and return to your hiding place. For information and installation instructions, visit:

Over Target Markers

Another popular download is the Over Target Markers program which allows the player to see how many hit points an enemy tank has at any moment. The vanilla game version shows how much damage every tank has sustained as a percentage, but that’s often too vague. Do you need to fire another armor-piercing round to finish off that Pz IV that has 12 percent HP left, or will a less-expensive high-explosive round be enough to get the kill? It also shows you how much damage the target is taking, as well as allies. If the KV next to you just took 500 damage, you know a high-level tank destroyer might be nearby! The player can also edit the markers to suit his style. To download this add-on, visit:

Roster Icons

A variety of roster icons are also available, but I like the variant made by Grepa the best because it offers a wide variety of styles These icons replace the standard silhouettes in the team roster and provide a wide variety of additional information. Without them, players often has to guess at whether or not their gun can penetrate an enemy tank. The icons can show the tanker how much hull armor every enemy tank has on the front/sides/rear as well as turret armor. Other additional information includes the maximum penetration the enemy tank can have, its tier, and maximum HP. Grepa provides an update whenever new tanks are added to the game. To download and install this mod, go to:

Color Blind Aid

If like me you’re one of the few people who play World of Tanks and suffer from red-green colorblindness, this mod is for you! The color-blind mod replaces the red map icons representing enemy tanks with blue dots. Before I downloaded this mod, I often drove right by enemy tanks because I thought they were a friendly! This mod makes it easy to tell friend from foe. It also includes enlarged map icons in order to make it even easier to spot enemies at a glance. Finally, it includes a modification than transforms the map border from red to white or black. Without it, I often got collided with the invisible map edge while in combat, making me a sitting duck for enemy tanks! To get this life-saving mod, go to:

Tank Skins

There are thousands of fan-made tank skins as well. Some of them strive to recreate historical camouflage schemes and realistic wear and tear but others are simply for fun. There are several large collections on-line where players can download and install hundreds of skins. Several tutorials are also available on the World of Tanks forums if you want to start making your own skins. To get some new forest or arctic camouflage for your T-34 go to:

Critical Targeting Aid

In addition to creative skin packs there are also several mods that can help you target critical areas on an enemy tank, such as crew members, an ammo rack or engine compartment. The administrators at permit these “hit zone” packages but many players deride them as unfair. I like the package from which is updated whenever new tanks are added to the game. Various colors correspond to specific components, such as blue for the driver and white for an ammo rack. Most tanks above tier 5 are included in the package and it can give you that slight edge you need for victory. To get this application go to:

Sound Mod Packs

Have you heard the phrase “we just dinged ‘em” one too many times? Then maybe you should try a sound-pack mod. My favorite sound mod includes voices from another popular World War II game, Company of Heroes. Players can choose from a variety of sound files based on the British, Panzer Elite, Whermacht and American units on CoH.

The above list is just a small taste of variety of mods that have been created for World of Tanks. There are many more. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions we recommend sharing them in the World of Tanks forum in our gaming section:

About the Author

Paul Glasser works as a political journalist in Kentucky. He holds a BA in history from Purdue University and spends most of time free reading and writing about military history. He writes and edits freelance articles for a number of on-line publications, but focuses mainly on miniatures gaming.


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    • If the site is in Russian, you can translate it with Google Chrome

  2. I tried to download this mod from uFo’s link and it’s telling me there is an error when I hit download…

    • dont hit the download, hit the depositfiles