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Posted on Aug 11, 2009 in Electronic Games

StripesGAMER Links Gamers in the Military

By Media Release

The following media release was received by We publish it here as a service to our gaming readers serving in the military. is a video gaming website dedicated to serving the U.S. military community. creates a vital link between the millions of geographically dispersed gamers in the military, their family members and civilian counterparts, by providing an online destination where they are free to congregate, socialize, and challenge one another – all in that special spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie that infuses this unique community.  The site hosts competitive video game events and leagues, provides a forum for social networking, and showcases the achievements and successes of the individual gamers and their teams.  It is available at no charge and offers a host of unique features, such as the Insignia Creator widget for customizing team and player graphics, and excellent functionality in terms of the ability to set up a match, create a team, issue challenges and post scores. Unlike other sites, score history is preserved for as long as the player or team exists. Several seasons are presently underway with prizes planned for the winners.


The project is the joint brainchild of Stars and Stripes, independent daily newspaper of the U.S. military community, and Consumer Solutions Gaming, LLC, whose principals are successful entrepreneurs from the gaming and consumer products industries. They saw a business opportunity beneath the void of a digital enterprise focused on the military gaming demographic, which has a direct community of over 32 million American citizens, and when networked with their family, friends, and supporters worldwide, becomes a huge group with two common interests—video gaming and support for our military forces that do so much everyday in terms of risking their lives for the freedom and safety of our citizens. The site was officially launched on March 24, 2009 and has been growing in supportive partners and unique users ever since!

"We see as a rare opportunity to provide a full-featured site that caters specifically to a unique and otherwise very difficult to reach audience," says Terry Tognietti, CEO of Consumer Solutions Gaming, LLC. "It also provides a social space for connecting with fellow gamers among family and friends-and between military branches."

Founded in 1861, Stars and Stripes has long provided the U.S. military community with independent news and information, first as a printed newspaper and today also as an online source. "Stars and Stripes has a mission of service to our military and their families," said Daniel Krause, international director of advertising for Stars and Stripes. "Providing news and information is an important part of that mission-but so is helping them connect. Many of our military men and women are serving where videogame news and information is not readily available. Our goal is to fill that need in a creative and useful way.