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Posted on Nov 20, 2006 in Armchair Reading


By Keith E Besherse

ACG Staff,

I am currently serving in Iraq and my wife sent the September 2005 copy of your challenging magazine for me to re-read. Thank you for the mental gymnastics which keep my mind engaged.

One comment on your response to Mr Abbot in Mailbag, page 8.

The DoD standardized numbering system that went into effect in 1962 follows the Mission, Design and Series (MDS) model.

For example: the famous Hercules is cargo design # 130 (i.e. C-130). The gunship varient is a specialized model known as the Attack Cargo 130 (AC-130).

Thus the Blackbird is Strategic Reconnaisance aircraft series 71 (SR-71). If, in fact, President LBJ misread a cue card, who cares? He only re-designated the model in line with the DoD standard.



Keith E Besherse


* * *

Major Besherse,

Thanks very much for your email and for the information regarding the SR-71 Blackbird.

Best of luck on your Iraq tour and we send our best wishes for your safe return at tour’s end.

Jerry D. Morelock
COL, US Army ret.
Editor in Chief, Armchair General Magazine