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  1. It isn’t over yet. Vietnam institutionalized the sick Liberal Hypocrisy that has destroyed America, given us a clown in black face for a President, and encouraged terrorists to murder thousands of American troops (not to mention tens of thousands of civilians). And the rest of the 21st century will be much worse. At least when this country burns, the liberals will get what they deserve.

    • Neo Politicus… While I certainly agree with you in principle, I date the beginning of the steady demise of a 1st Class Western World, and America, to Vatican II.

      One does not have to be a Roman Catholic to look through the merely ceremonial and liturgical changes and appreciate how the Church, after 15 centuries of stalwart defense, allowed the barbarians to pour through the gate.

      From there, Vietnam, oil shocks, hyper-inflation, the loss of the industrial base, endless foreign military adventures – a value-free, feminized middle class – was a foregone conclusion.