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Posted on Jul 18, 2007 in Armchair Reading

September 2007 Mailbag

Armchair General

Dear ACG,

I thought that Ralph Peters’ article, "War and the Media" was quite informative, interesting and important.

Please make it available online. I would like to be able to recommend that people read it, even if they can’t find it locally.

Ben Cooper

* * *

Mr. Cooper,

Thanks very much for your email to Armchair General magazine and for your comments regarding Ralph Peters’ "War and the Media" article. We’ve had numerous similar comments from readers who also found the article informative and interesting.

From time to time, we do post articles from ACG magazine on-line at and will consider doing that with this important article. It clearly deserves to reach as large an audience as possible.


Thanks very much,

Jerry Morelock

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