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Posted on Jul 18, 2007 in Armchair Reading

September 2007 Mailbag

Armchair General

Dear ACG,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your magazine from it’s inception. I have always wanted a historical magazine with not only history but with the actual ideas behind the actions. Details in weapons, tactics and strategy give the historian and the enthusiast the tools they need to truly understand how and why men and country carry out battle.

I think the magazine can truly be something even more. I can recall a time when another magazine sponsored an annual meeting that gathered together former military notables, heros and authors all under one roof. At these gatherings I met all manner of men related to our history, recent and past and related areas. It was truly amazing, as many of these old soldiers have since past. I had to opportunity to meet and share with them. Soldier of Fortune magazine largely ended this kind of forum in 1999, the annual Las Vegas meetings.


I think the magazine can be a catalyst for such meetings. I know that I would attend and bring my kids too. It was such an honor to see such men.

V A Benavides

* * *

Thanks very much for your email to Armchair General magazine. We are very happy to receive your comments about the magazine.

Your idea about ACG hosting meetings of notable military figures is a good one. We may pursue something like that in the future. In the meantime, you may be interested in knowing that ACG helps support the appearance of noted military historians at some of the game and history conventions around the country. For example, one of our frequent authors and ACG Advisory Board members, Carlo D’Este will speak at the Origins War College presentation as part of the International Game Expo 2007, July 5-8 in Columbus, Ohio. Also, noted Soviet military historian, David Glantz will be speaking at a similar event July 26-29 in Lancaster, PA. Glantz’s talk is part of the Historicon 2007 Military Seminar Series. ACG helps support both of these events. Look for more information about them in the upcoming May 2007 issue of Armchair General.

Best Wishes,
Jerry Morelock

Dear Armchair General,

I recently picked up my first copy of your magazine, and I thought I’d drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed it – you’re doing a fine job!

My only quibble is that you seem to focus on PC games in your reviews section. There is so much going on in the world of military strategy board games these days, it seems remiss not to cover them in your magazine. A few games that immediately spring to mind are Axis and Allies Miniatures, Axis and Allies Battle of the Bulge, Tide of Iron, and Combat Commander: Europe. These are just some of the newer WWII titles that I’m aware of – I’m sure there are many more.

I’d argue that real strategy in gaming takes place on the table against a live opponent, and I think the renewed popularity of board games confirms that people looking for gaming experiences beyond their computers. Any chance you guys might step up your coverage of military board/miniature games? It would make a great magazine even better!

Best regards,
David Cook

* * *

Thanks very much for your feedback. Mark Walker who writes our Video Game Review and Game Buzz columns has recently told me he’s thinking the same thing. He’s sent me a long sidebar on board gaming that I intend to work into an ACG issue in the near future.

Dear ACG,

My name is Nathaniel Eatwell, I subscribe to your magazine. First off I have to thank you for putting my in your magazine under honorable mention for the goose green mission, that really made my day and I told lots of people. I had a question. I’m interested in military history (mostly ancient, and medieval but I have a growing interest in guerilla warfare) but I can’t find any books to read. I’ve gotten books from Barnes and Noble about Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great, Ghengis Kahn and the Knights Templar but for the most part they are all historical books, not military history. I’ve seen shows on the history channel that talk about certain battles and the people that talk about the battles are all versed in the tactics and strategy used. I would like to know that stuff. Could you recommend some military history books? Or a store that happens to carry these type books?

Nathaniel Eatwell

P.S. Your magazine rocks!

* * *


Thanks very much for your email to Armchair General. I recall reading your solution to the Goose Green You Command combat decision game and we’re very pleased that your selection as an Honorable Mention "made your day." We hope you’ll continue to submit solutions to forthcoming You Command articles.

I have two suggestions for identifying and locating military history books that might help you:

1. Barnes & Noble bookstore chain: The B&N bookstores have a great military history section with all kinds of books on a wide variety of military history subjects. My suggestion is to visit the B&N bookstore nearest you and browse the military history section — you ought to find plenty of books to keep you in great reading material for a long time.

2. Armchair General Magazine Web Site Forums: This is a great place to get advice on books & authors on just about any subject in military history. Go to, click on the "Armchair forums" section (left side of page) and then go into the sections listed on different periods of military history. I often note that web visitors ask for advice on "good books" on different military history subjects and their questions usually get very quick suggestions from other web visitors. Once you have a book or author suggested, you can ususally find the book available on

Thanks very much for your email and good luck on the next You Command!

Jerry Morelock

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