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Posted on Jul 18, 2006 in Armchair Reading

September 2006 Play It!

Armchair General


Combat! Tiger Trap: Hungary, 1945

P. 40. Play out your options for this story using Battlefront’s Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin and Armchair General’s own “Tiger Trap 1945” scenario. Grab "Tiger Trap 1945" [here – Note this is a .cme file which must be put into your Combat Mission scenarios folder.  You cannot play this scenario if you do not own Combat Mission!]

Tiger Trap Notes: Because of the quirks of the AI, this scenario is best played as the Allies against the AI or head-to-head against a live opponent.  It is difficult for the AI to use the 10 Russian T-34’s when facing a situation as we have set up here.  However, as the Russians, you will have to play smart and discover a) where the Tiger is located and b) the best way to assault it.  It is unlikely you will be able to sneak past it. 🙂


Many thanks to Kerry "Palantir" from SZO for contributions to this scenario.  If you have suggestions for improvements, or just want to discuss your options and what worked or didn’t work, you can discuss Tiger Trap on the Armchair General forums.  We will continue to update the scenario to make it better!

Command Decisions: Ike’s Bulge Dilemma

P. 28. You can experience the struggle of the Battle of the Bulge from both sides using Matrix Games’ “Ardennes Offensive” scenario in Korsun Pocket; HPS’s Bulge ’44; Avalon Hill’s Axis and Allies Battle of the Bulge.  Also check out Ardennes ’44 (GMT Games) and Panzer Grenadier:
Battle Of The Bulge
(Avalanche Press).

Interactive Combat Story: Bloody Peleliu

P. 54. You can relive the fight for Peleliu using HPS’ The Proud and the Few, Squad Battles scenarios “Surprise at Peleliu” and “Another Bloody Ridge.” 

What Next General? Rommel at El Alamein

P. 62. Now you can experience one of World War II’s most famous battles by playing the scenario “Supercharge – The climactic Battle of El Alamein” in Matrix Games’ Steel Panthers World at War or by becoming part of the action in HPS’s El Alamein ’42. If you have The Operational Art of War III (Matrix Games) you can play the scenario "El Alamein 1942" by Daniel McBride for a good taste of this battle.  HPS also has a Panzer Campaigns: El Alamein 42 title covering this conflict.

Battlefield Leader: Monty

P. 86. There are scores of games covering the campaigns of “Monty.” One of his most interesting battles was Operation Market-Garden, which you can study using Matrix Games’ Highway to the Reich. You can also get a free boardgame (well, for the cost of shipping) called Target Arnhem: Across Six Bridges from MMP as a nice introduction to hex-based wargaming.  Other games are Arnhem – Defiant Stand (Critical Hit), Devil’s Cauldron: The Battles of Arnhem and Nijmegen (MMP – In Pre-Order currently), and the venerable classic Storm Over Arnhem (Avalon Hill). 

Have a suggestion for games we’ve missed? Contact us! (note that we prefer games which are either still in print or soon-to-be released)