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Posted on Dec 7, 2005 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Seimon Pugh-Jones, ACG Combat Photographer

Armchair General

So what did the new job entail?

For starters, I would be working for Eric Weider, one of America’s most experienced and respected publishers, as well as with JC Suares, one of America’s most experienced art directors.  I would also be working as part of a fantastic and dedicated team!  On the practical side, it meant a combination of my profession and my passion. I was now being asked to do for a living what I’d considered a hobby for years… This was going to be a challenge, and one I was really hoping to conquer, and so not let people down. So I gave up the archive job, and took the biggest chance ever.

Greek Hoplites…I just love this period

Running the gauntlet…

This was taken at a local mansion House called Nanteos,
supposedly the most haunted house in Wales. I think we must
have scared the Ghosts away this day. This picture
was taken in conjunction with Eastman leather clothing, and
rumour has it, one of these jackets may end up with an ACG reader!!

I have been working now on the magazine for almost two and a half years and it’s been the best ever. I don’t really have a daily routine. A typical photo shoot usually takes weeks of preparation, and I treat it as if I was shooting a documentary for TV. I have to find locations, extras, costume and props, Do effects and make-up when required…. And also make a good cup of tea. The picture taking is almost the easy part, which usually happens over a weekend. I do follow scripts, and choose to shoot what I think is workable and safe.


Where there’s smoke!… well not always, and especially next to
a "Ronson".  This is a lighting effect. This Sherman Tank is
the one seen in Band of Brothers, on fire..about to run over
Randleman.   Dennis, the owner/driver told me that during that
scene the flames were actually coming into the tank!  You
can also see this Sherman in "Evita"

We still have our fingers!! and our teeth!… We tend to think of
medieval people suffering from decaying teeth. Not the case. The
lower classes couldn’t afford sugar… so consequently had very
good teeth, unlike the Gentry

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  1. Hi Seimon,
    hope you are well.
    you may remember me back from Cardiff antiques market or the odd Beltring show, talking about german period props for photography. Have been over in germany for two and a half years now and would like to get in touch again!

    • Walter what are you up to these days?

  2. Hi Walter, Hope you’re well Mate
    Back in South Wales… You can contact me on


  3. Hi Seimon, Please can you e mail me the dates of the next militaria fair at Laugharne.The last one was outstanding.many thanks Lyn.

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