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Posted on Feb 21, 2007 in Armchair Reading

Secret plan to bury soldiers alive inside Rock of Gibraltar

By Jim Crone

Dear Sir,

Your fabulous website has presented an article about the Secret plan to bury soldiers alive inside Rock of Gibraltar. The Independent on Sunday published this short article about Gibraltar’s "Stay Behind Cave”. The piece made reference to the fact that 92 year old Dr Bruce Cooper has broken his silence about this top secret WW2 mission. The article also mentioned that researchers had met and interviewed Dr Cooper.

I am actually one of the researchers who interviewed Dr Cooper on behalf of the website.

Unfortunately the Independent on Sunday story did not cover the following three elements;

1. Dr Cooper’s description of the secret chamber that he was taken to in 1942 is in some aspects different to the layout of "Stay Behind Cave".


This is now fuelling existing rumours that a second secret chamber is yet to be discovered. I have a sketch of such a chamber in my research files, it originated from an MI6 source. Further information has come from a former GCHQ telegraphist which suggests that two Operation Tracer units operated simultaneously during the Suez crisis, this may have been the case in Gibraltar as well.

2. On several occasions during the January 2007 a specialist team has been searching the Upper Rock area of Gibraltar for evidence of a second chamber and two areas are of interest.

3. Discussions are currently taking place in the hope of bringing Dr Cooper to Gibraltar to reunite him with "Stay Behind Cave” or to possibly identify the whereabouts of a second secret chamber.

A substantial amount of information has been added to the website. This includes MP3 audio clips of Dr Cooper talking, also photographs of him in 1942 as well as photographs taken at the meeting. Also included is up to date information about Operation Tracer and photographs of “Stay Behind Cave” taken at the beginning of January 2007.

It is hoped that the website will act as a hub for others to come forward to provide more information about this enigmatic part of Gibraltar’s WW2 history.

The website is a non-commercial site, it does not receive funding or generate profits of any kind. It is purely run on the basis of a hobby and has become the largest resource on the internet relating to Gibraltar’s history and heritage.


Jim Crone