UpdatedMarch 29, 2008

IS-1 (IS-85) [1]
IS-85 organic to the 1st Guards Breakthrough Heavy Tank Regiment/11th Guards Tank Corps/1st Tank Army/1st Ukrainian Front, Ukraine, March 1944 [2]

IS-1 (IS-85) organic to one of the units of the 3rd Byelorussian Front supporting troops of the 63rd Guards Rifle Division.. Baltic area, 1944 [3]
Another reconstruction of the same vehicle [5]
IS-1 (IS-85) [4]
IS-1 from unidentified unit, Ukraine, spring 1944 [6]
IS-1 from unidentified guards unit, Byelorussia, spring 1944[6]
IS-1 "Severomorets" from unidentified tank unit, Ukraine, October 1943[6]
IS-1 from unidentified unit, Ukraine, October 1943 [6]
IS-1 from the 12th Guards Heavy Tank Brigade. Dukla pass, Slovakia, September 1944 [6]

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