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Posted on Aug 31, 2011 in Games PR

Red Orchestra 2 – Beta Opens for Digital Deluxe Edition


After years of waiting fans will get their first taste of Red Orchestra 2 as the beta launches for all those who have pre-purchased the Deluxe version of the game. Pre-purchase numbers for the game have "shattered all expectations". Anyone who pre-purchases the Deluxe Edition before the game launches will get instant access to the Beta, so there is still time to get in on the action.  Pre-orders may be purchased on Steam at

The first phase of the pre-purchase beta will include three levels from the game running the three gametypes – Firefight, Countdown, and Territory. From the open destroyed cityscape of Fallen Fighters, to the close quarters combat of Apartments, and the wide open tank battles of Gumrak – the Beta gives players a sample of the diverse action Red Orchestra 2 has to offer. Apart from the opportunity for people to play the game early, this is Tripwire’s volume and final balance testing, so they are inviting player feedback. Head for the Tripwire forums to share feedback.


Recommended Server Hosting Partners

In a first for a game of this kind, Tripwire Interactive will be allowing individual server admins as well as GSP’s to host ranked servers for the game. Tripwire’s position is that they "feel the "walled garden" approach many developers take to server hosting makes it difficult for the clan/gaming communities as well as stifling mod and custom mapping development." Both mod and custom development are seen as very important to the success and longevity of any multi-player game. Tripwire has also put together a list of Recommended Server Hosting Partners that they’ve been working closely with to ensure they provide a good experience for our fans and game server admins as well as meeting the hardware requirements of the game. The list of recommended server hosting partners, as follows:

United States:
Branzone –
Gameservers –
NFOservers –

KillerCreation –
Multiplay –

4net Players –

Game.On.Net (Internode) –

Asia: –

The game will be available digitally and in stores on 13 September 2011 around the world and is now available for pre-purchase. More information from the Steam store page: and from the game website: