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Posted on Feb 4, 2004 in Armchair Reading

Reading List for Paratroopers in WW2

Editorial Staff

Howard, Gary (1994): America’s Finest; US Airborne Uniforms, Equipment, and Insignia Of World War Two

c.1994 Gary Howard

Greenhill Books London

Hoyt, Edwin P. (1978): Airborne; The History Of The American Parachute Forces

c. 1978 Jack Britton

M.C.N. Press Tulsa, OK

Langdon, Allen L. (1986): Ready; A World War II History Of The 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment

c. 1986 82nd Airborne Division Association Educational Fund Inc.

Western Newspaper Publishing Co. Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana

Lassen, Don & Schrader, K. (1991): Pride Of America; An Illustrated History Of The U.S. Army Airborne Forces

c. 1991 Richard K. Schrader

Pictorial Histories Publishing Inc. Missoula, MT

Laughlin, Cameron P. (1987): Uniforms Illustrated No. 18; US Airborne Forces Of World War Two


c. 1987 Arms And Armor Press

Arms And Armor Press London

MacKenzie, Fred (1968): The Men Of Bastogne

c. 1968 Fred MacKenzie

David McKay Co. Inc.

Marshall, S. L. A. (1962): Night Drop; The American Airborne Invasion Of Normandy

c. 1962 S. L. A. Marshall

Little Brown & Company Inc. New York

McLean, Donald B. Editor (1973): Japenese Parachute Troops

c. 1973 Donald B. McLean

Normount Technical Publications Wickenburg AZ

McNalley, John V. (1985): As Ever, John; The Letters Of Colonel John V. McNalley To His Sister, Margarer McNally Bierbaum 1942-1946

c. 1985 Margaret McNally Bierbaum

Roberts Press Fairfield, CT

Mitchell, Ralph B. (1986): The 101st Airborne Division’s Defence Of Bastogne

Combat Studies Institute, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Mrazek, James E. (1977): Fighting Gliders Of World War II

c. 1977 James E. Mrazek

St. Martin’s Press Ney York

Murphey, Robert M. (1999): No Better Place To Die; A Combat Diary

c. 1999 Critical Hit Inc.

Critical Hit Inc. Croton falls, NY

Orfalea, Gregory (1997): Messengers Of The Lost Battalion; The Historic 551st And The Turning Of The Tide At The Battle Of The Bulge

c. 1997 Gregory Orfalea

The Free Press New York

Ospital, John (1977): We Wore Jump Boots And Baggy Pants

c. 1977 John Ospital

Willow House

Rathbone, A. D. (1943): He’s In The Paratroops Now

c. 1943 Robert M. Mcbride & Company

Robert M. McBride & Company New York

Rentz, Bill (1999): Gernimo; U.S. Airborne Uniforms, Insignia, And Equipment Inb World War II

c. 1999 Bill Rentz

Schiffer Military History Atglen, PA

Ross, Kirk B. (2000): The Skymen

c. 2000 Kirk B. Ross

Schiffer Military History Atglen, PA

Rottman, Gordon (1990): US Army Airborne 1940-1990

c. 1990 Osprey Publishing LTD

Osprey Publishing LTD London

Ryan, Cornelius (1959): The Longest Day

c. 1959 cornelius Ryan

Simon And Schuster New York

Ryan, cornelius (1974): A Bridge Too Far

c.1974 cornelius ryan

Simon And Schuster New York

Smith, Carl, & Chappell, Mike (2000): US Paratrooper 1941-45

c. 2000 Osprey Publishing LTD

Osprey Publishing LTD London

Thompson, Leroy (1984);Uniforms Illustrated No. 1; US Special Forces of World War Two

c. 1984 Lionel Leventhal Limited

Arms And Armour Press, Lionel Leventhatl Limited London

Thompson, Leroy (1988);The All Americans; The 82nd Airborne

c. 1988 Leroy Thompson

David and Charles Devon England

Tucker, William H. : The 82nd Airborne in World War II; From North Africa to Italy and D-Day through the Battle of the Bulge

c. William H. Tucker

Airborne Books Harwichport MA

Tucker, William H. ; Rendezvous ar Rochelinval The battle Of The Buldge

c. William H. Tucker

Airborne Books Harwichport MA

Tucker William H. (1995); Parachute Soldier A Memoir of World War II Experiences As An 82nd Airborne Paratrooper (Second Revised Edition (1995))

c. 1995 William H. Tucker

Airborne Books Harwichport MA

Tucker, William H. ;Parachute Soldier’s Post War Oddesy; The Kennedy Johnson Years And Later

c. 19 William H. Tucker

Airborne Books Harwichport MA

Webster, (199-); Parachute Infantry

Weeks, John (1978): Assault From The Sky; A History Of Airborne Warfare

c. 1978John Weeks

G. P. Putnam’s Sons New York

Weeks, John (1982): Thje Airborne Soldier

c. 1982 John Weeks

Blandford Press LTD Dorset England

Weller, George (1958): The Story Of The Paratroopers

c. 1958 George Weller

Random House Inc. New York

504th PIR (194-): The Devils In baggy Pants (official Unit History of the 504th PIR)

Battery Book Shop Nashville TN

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