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Posted on Jul 10, 2007 in Armchair Reading

Ralph Peter’s Crisis Watch

By R Steven Johnson

I really appreciate Ralph Peter’s Crisis Watch! This is a tremendous series.
Since I live in an area that may very well become a "hot spot" in the very near future, I consider his insight to be invaluable.
R Steven Johnson
BBFI Bolivia


Dear Mr. Johnson,
Thanks very much for your email to Armchair General and for your comments on Ralph Peters’ Crisis Watch column. We frequently receive emails and letters from readers praising Ralph’s column for its insight and ‘common sense’ approach to today’s problems and feel very fortunate that Ralph is writing for us.
FYI, Ralph has a brand new book that will be released on July 25, titled Wars of Blood and Faith: The Conflicts That Will Shape the Twenty-first Century (Stackpole Books, 2007). It is a collection of 78 essays Ralph published in several different magazines and newspapers in 2006-2007 and is an outstanding "world tour" of today’s hot spots and the war on terrorism. My review of Ralph’s book will be posted on on July 25.
Best Wishes,
Jerry Morelock
Editor in Chief, Armchair General Magazine



Thanks! I’ll look forward to the book.
By the way, Armchair General is the only magazine I’m willing to pay to have forwarded here to our field address. I did have a digital subscription, but missed the joy of having a hard copy. It is worth waiting the extra few weeks it takes to arrive.
Thanks again! 
R Steven Johnson
BBFI Bolivia

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  1. I always enjoy reading your articles and usually agree with you 100%. The one on the Tet Offensive in Viet Nam was “right on” and now in “Sound Bites” FINALLY I see that I’m not alone in my views on our “Politically Correct Generals”. In discussion with some friends (ex-military and others) I sometimes say ” Yeah, General “S0 and So” said this or that…Well what do you expect him to say? It would seem to me that many of them personally and professionally DISAGREE with the often absurd policies and direction [read Restrictions] given them. What I mean is, if your boss [the President, Sect Defense etc] says “Pursue Course A” and you KNOW that Course B is better. These Generals are not dummies…well educated and quite capable in military knowledge and ability. Thye Know Better, but we all know what happens if you disagree with your boss….he may not be always right or choose the best method(s) but he Is The Boss. Thank You for putting this ridiculous situation in print….maybe someday our political leaders will wake up…before its too late.