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Posted on Nov 10, 2006 in Games PR

Air Assault Task Force Dusts Off!


Cry havoc and let loose the sounds of Wagner! The next command-time simulation title from developer ProSIM Company (masters of all that is modern land warfare), Air Assault Task Force, has gone GOLD! Projected shipping is by early December, just in time for a rapid insertion beneath the Christmas tree!

Air Assault Task Force is the latest evolution of realistic real-time simulations that push the boundaries on what a real-time wargame can be, as first seen in BCT Commander and then followed by ATF: Armored Task Force and its brethren. While the average real-time game uses a continuous play model to hide its shortcomings, distracting the player with a multitude of tasks, the ProSIM model has always been used for great effect. On the real world battlefield there are no turns, no impulses. On the real world battlefield a commander must be able to synchronize his forces and find the schwerpunkt for his attack, all while the clock ticks away, and so does the ProSIM player.


From the dawn of modern airmobile operations in Vietnam, to the bloody street fighting in Somalia, to battling the Taliban at the top of the world, Air Assault Task Force showcases forty plus years of airmobile operations around the globe. Besides commanding the namesake of the game, players will also fight with armor, infantry, artillery, and more, using an extensive database of real equipment. Digital maps, accurate to within meters of the real terrain, make up the playing fields, allowing for the utmost in realism and avoiding the artificial effect of movement by hexes or areas.

A revamped user interface makes Air Assault Task Force the easiest ProSIM title for new players to jump into. Using a simple paradigm shift of the more intuitive "select-order" rather than "order-select", and a bright colorful GUI, the interface learning curve has been downgraded to a gentle slope. Extensive documentation covering all aspects of the game also helps ease new players into the system.

Featuring numerous scenarios set in the above mentioned regions (and some at the Louisiana training center in the United States), players will face a determined artificial opponent that wants you to pay for every inch of virtual battlespace with your blood. Multiplayer online capability allows players to truly test their mettle, fighting against other flesh and blood commanders. Editing or creating new scenarios is also possible.

Air Assault Task Force will even extend your tour of duty with your previous ProSIM titles on your hard drive. If you own any of the ATF line of games (Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War, The Falklands War: 1982, The Star and the Crescent) Air Assault Task Force will upgrade them to incorporate all the changes found in this latest game! ProSIM has always maintained backwards compatibility with all their titles, and that continues today.

Enough talking though! Download the official demo and see for yourself what the next generation of military simulations from ProSIM has to offer. Grab the demo at: here

Air Assault Task Force sells for $44.95 and is available only for Windows. Like ATF:
Armored Task Force, an engine that is used by defense contractors and the military, the
Air Assault Task Force engine is expected to power future ProSIM simulations.