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Posted on Oct 26, 2009 in Stuff We Like

Pressfield and Afghan Strategy

Editorial Staff

Author Steven Pressfield (Killing Rommel, Gates of Fire) has had a series of blogs on his website which offer an option for military thinkers on how to win in Afghanistan.  The short version is summed up as "It’s the tribes, stupid." The long version is written by Maj. Jim Grant, US Special Forces and is called One Tribe At A Time (45 pages, PDF).  The piece outlines the formula for proven success in dealing with the Tribes of Afghanistan – which is the power structure of primary importance in that part of the world. 

If you’d like to read more about tribal engagement in Afghanistan, please visit Steven Pressfield’s blog.



  1. Comment about dealing with tribes in afganistan :

    Easy to do, vietnam experience shows that it works.
    But you need money, social experts, long time plans and support (not as in vietnam with cia ).
    To resume USA should become Grand father of afghan people and it will cost lot of money, will, and HUMILITY !


  2. Nice info thanks for sharing it.

  3. Helpful tips for military thanks for it i want no read its all series.