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Posted on May 5, 2006 in Games PR

Press: Paradox to publish Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament

By Armchair General

New York, USA (May 4, 2006) – Global publisher Paradox Interactive announced today that they have signed a deal for publishing rights to "Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament" in North America and Scandinavia. The game will be launched with a simultaneous release on . In this extraordinary RTS title developed by KDV Games, the player is once again drawn into the battle between the Emperor and the Spirits.

" "Perimeter" was one of the most innovative RTS games ever released when it hit the market, it’s one of those rare RTS games that can combine a new take in a well-known genre with a good storyline," said Fredrik.W.Lindgren, Director of Publishing at Paradox Interactive. "It received much praise in reviews and "Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament" has built and improved on every single aspect that made the first game such a success".


Key features:

· 25 single-player missions
· Immersive storyline
· 3 brand new multiplayer maps
· Outstanding new soundtrack
· A complete update of the well-received graphics from the original game

"Perimeter" was hailed by Gamespot as "one of the most innovative real-time strategy games to appear in years" and "Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament" is listed among "the most awaited games of 2006" by IGN.

The title is scheduled to ship at the end of the summer 2006 and has a SRP of $19.99. For more information please contact .