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Posted on Jun 7, 2007 in Games PR

PR: WWIIOL: Battleground Europe Free Special Event

Armchair General

WWIIOL: Battleground Europe Free Special Event

Game marks anniversary with free special event

Staten Island, NY, June 8 th, 2007 – Matrix Games ( and Playnet are marking the 6 th anniversary of the award-winning MMOG, WWII Online: Battleground Europe ( with a special historically-based event.

PC gamers can create a free 7-day trial account, download the game and participate in a special historically-based event this weekend by visiting

“Bridges too far and too many” is the title of the special event running all weekend on the game servers while the regular Axis vs Allied campaign takes a break.


“Towards the end of the war, as the Allied forces pushed their way into Germany , much effort and conflict went into the difficult task of crossing the rivers of the region and attacking an enemy determined to deny the use of those bridges to the advancing Allied forces.”

This special event is designed to simulate some of the aspects of this type of warfare experienced on both sides of the conflict at this closing stage of the war.

Battleground Europe features over 600 cities and 29,000 buildings.  The zoneless map covers 350,000 Km (Over 217,000 miles) of terrain and more than 4,000,000 trees.  Battles can rage for days and campaigns for weeks. The servers can support thousands of players online simultaneously.

Whether you want to be a British Sharpshooter, French tank commander or a German fighter-pilot, Battleground Europe has an assignment waiting for you.  Every soldier can make a visible contribution to the final shape of the battle for Western Europe!

For more information visit the Matrix Games web site at or the Battleground Europe site at